Cliff Bailey 1969-2008

I have no words.  Yet, I must write.  Compelled.  Driven to express the emotions, the feelings that have driven my heart, my mind tonight.

It is an October night.  This October night.  Crisp, cool air rests upon a gentle breeze.  A distant train clicks and clacks in the distance, mournful, chanting a woeful rhythm understood by the melancholy few.  The piercing silence of the night, exaggerated by the news of the day rests heavily upon the hearts of the living.  Only you can create the depth of longing that swallows the soul this day.  You are a rude son of a bitch.  You force yourself upon the unexpecting, maligning and raping the untouched, taking at will, depriving, decimating, leaving chaos in your wake.  And silence.  Oh the silence that you leave behind.  The unrest.  The helplessness.  The chasm of utter despair, and realization that you shall have your way with us all.

You left us today.  Taken against your will, I’m sure.  In sleep you lie; in sleep you remain.  You touched the lives of everyone you passed.  No one escaped your genteel way.  Your wit and smile graced us all with joy and enthusiasm.  Those you knew, you loved.  Those who knew you, loved you.  

May you rest in eternal peace.  May the memories of you heal the mourning souls of all who are left behind.  The gifts you received were shared with us all; your charm, your wit, your enthusiasm for life, your quirky outlook on all that you touched.  Each of these you poured as a healing ointment upon the troubled souls of everyone you knew.  Your smile lifted us all.  You were a gift.

Someday we will join you in your eternal rest.  Someday.  In the bondage of the commonality of life you have gone before us, certainly to pave our way with laughter and peace.  Rest now, and be free.