Crazy Crap

Hello.  Is this my house?  I think it is.

Haven’t been here in some days, but it looks familiar.  I can’t stay right now, it’s been my birthday and all.  People are waiting for me.  They want to hang out.

But I will be back.  Maybe tomorrow.

I have a really sad story to tell you.  It’s gonna make you cry.  Get ready for that.  I know you want to cry.

See you soon


I love this video.  It is a great parody of the idiotic questions that vegetarians and vegans live with everyday. No one minds talking about themselves and their lifestyle as long as the questioner is sincere and earnestly wants to understand a person’s point of view.  But when the questions are some sort of cloaked insult aimed at trapping you in some culinary anomaly just for the sake of justifying their own life choices without having to adequately think through their position, then they are nothing more than insensitive and mean-spirited.  I hate that, and hope they stub their big toes in the night.

Steven the Vegan

Somebody today said that I look like Michael McDonald.  I’ve never heard that one before.  I get Kenny Rogers sometimes, and occasionally Ricky Skaggs.  So there’s my claim to fame, Country-Pop, Kentucky Bluegrass, and the commercial side of the Doobie Brothers.  I think I’d prefer Jerry Garcia.

So what do you think?

Michael McDonald


Michael McDonald

Kenny Rogers

Ricky Skaggs

Ricky Skaggs

Jerry Garcia (HA!)

Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead


And Finally:  

ME in all my handsome goodness.  Go ahead, make an assessment.  Let me have the input. 

You Got It, You Know It

You Got It, You Know It