I am Willie G.  Welcome to my mid-life-crisis.  I am a forty-something idealistic, trusting, loyal, liberal, free-thinking, free-spirited, somewhat naive all-american man, clinging to the ideals of freedom, independence, self-expression and a libertarian life.

I am extremely introverted.  I prefer the company of only a few very close confidants, or to be in solitude, alone.  My immediate family is the core of my existence.  I live to be with them and to share my life with them.  I am in love with my true soulmate.  We have been blessed to have found one another early in life, and have spent 60% of our lives together.  We are truly inseperable.  Together we have been blessed with four fantastic children, three of whom are grown and living on there own, and one magnificent surprise blessing in disguise that came into our lives to give us one more shot at parenting bliss.

I am a free thinker.  I make every attempt to listen to, examine and understand all opinions and points of view, and to acknowledge the merit of those positions.  I strive to give people the right to think and believe what they want, and to respect not only their point of view, but also their right to hold such a point of view.

I ask the same in return.  You don’t have to agree with my many varied opinions (I’ll probably change them soon anyway), I only ask that you offer me respect to hold whatever opinion I chose to hold.  Please disagree with me, and share your position with me, but respect me and be kind.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Lisa Roe Says:

    Hello Willie,

    I have stopped by your website a few times (always enjoy myself!) and finally have something I think you would enjoy taking a look at! I know you enjoy books and would like to offer you one of my current projects for potential review on your blog.

    OCCASIONAL THERAPY by Dr. Ellyn Gamberg offers therapeutic strategies, exercises, and suggestions regarding specific challenges associated with the many “lifecycle events” faced in the midlife years: kids moving away to college, marrying off children, becoming grandparents, facing retirement, and the death of elderly parents.

    It helps those wondering if their particular situation and reactions to it are normal, and provides an avenue for privacy for exploring the personal, intimate issues. Reading Occasional Therapy will help readers figure out how to survive midlife.

    If you are interested in receiving a copy for possible review on your blog, please let me know! I will happily have a copy sent your way. Feel free to stop by my website for additional information on the title. If you have any questions, please let me know. I hope to work with you soon!

    All Best,

    Lisa Roe
    Online Publicist


  2. Whit Says:

    Willie, sorry to track you down here but I don’t have an email address. You won a book, but I need to know where to send it!

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