Jet-lag.  Oh yeah, gotta love the jet-lag.  Not to mention four straight days and nights of full on merriment.  Then add to that the red eye from the west coast to the east coast with two layovers along the way.  Yeah, work has been a bit of a drag today.  Not so much that I can’t stay awake, just that I really want to not be at work at all.  But you know what they say, all good things must come to an end.  Well, one thing I am learning as I get older is it’s probably best the all these good things should probably happen in shorter increments.  I love to play right along with the best of them, but as I mature…. ahem…. I realize that smaller doses may be the way to go.

Hello!! Willie, are you listening?  Hey!!  Wake up!!

I think there is a side of me that just never wants to stop.  I have never been one to back down from anything that I consider worthwhile, even long after everyone else has given in and given up for the day.  I’m like the perpetual energizer bunny.  I just keep going and going and going and …..

But then I. Fall. Down.


Will I ever learn?  Probably not.  But it is just too much fun.  I love to do all the things that I love to do.  My beautiful wife tells other people “you can sleep when you’re dead.”  I love that attitude.  But she doesn’t tell me that.  She tells me “you better go to bed you big dummy!”  But do I listen?  No.  Should I listen?  Yes.  Will I start to listen?  Probably not.

Alas, another aspect of my own personal mid-life crisis.  My body and mind tells me one thing.  My habits, lifestyle and desire lead me to do another.  It just continues to get a little harder.

Are you stubborn like me?  Have you succumb to the beast that draws you to slumber your time away?  Or do you run like hell to stay out in front?  Or have you discovered the secret of the balanced life?

Care to share?