Seattle, WA  USA

Seattle, WA USA

So I’m off on a new adventure, traveling to one of my favorite cities in the country, Seattle, Washington; cosmopolitan, eclectic, strange, unique, culture filled, diverse, liberal, left-wing, open-minded and downright fun.  It is such a great place for musical originality that it makes me tingle to just think about the auditory delights that are in store.
My baby brother in law is turning…. OMG, 40 this week.  That, my friends, makes me feel old.  He was a mere tot when my wife and I met back in the ’70’s.  And now he is all grown up; a successful restaurateur (check him out here) and a wonderfully acclaimed and successful professional musician (and check him out here). 
It’s going to be a wonderfully busy weekend as we celebrate and carouse the nights away, and take in all that makes Seattle unique by day.  Supposed to be vacation, but I’m sure it will be exhausting.  I hope to post while I am away and share some of my wife’s great photography.  I’m confident she will be snapping hundreds, if not thousands, of photos.
Here is to hoping that you all have a great upcoming weekend and experience all the fun and pleasure that you can!!  See you on the left coast.