Photo taken by Kimberleigh Forrester

Just a quick post to share a little blogosphere love.  I have been known on occasion to wax poetic.  Usually as a result of some traumatic emotional experience, or some other ill-conceived drama that has floated through my life.  I’ve never been quite sure why times of trouble inspire me in this way, but it seems to be an effective outlet for dealing with how I interpret my own view of reality.  If your interested in venturing down that troubled path with me you can jump into some of my work here.  But I’m not writing today to shamelessly promote my own poetic ramblings.  Instead, I would like to encourage you to go and check out the writings of a lady that has given me many moments of inspiration.  Her words are artistic, poignant, sometimes disturbing and sometimes invigorating, but always unique and dynamic.  If you have any interest at all in the artistic use of language as a medium of self-expression please go visit Allison at Silent Verses.  I’m sure you will fall in love with her and her words.  And please leave her some encouragement and blogoshpere love.

Peace to you all.