Being relatively new to the blogging world I am constantly running across incredibly talented and entertaining folks that have found their home in this crazy world we inhabit. As such, you recently added to my reader an apparently incredibly popular blogger whom I have come to look forward to reading every day. This morning I was reading through the Blogography archives and came across this jewel of historic significance that totally makes me a fan, and will keep me reading for some time to come. Having given idea credit where credit is due, I present my thoughts on a topic that has never ceased to provide me countless hours of confusion and dumbfounded expressions.

    Call the Executioner! He’s VEGETARIAN

No doubt this post will earn me many hours of entertaining banter and snarky brow-beating from my favorite self-proclaimed stereotyper, but this is a subject that has always made me highly curious at the insecurity that many otherwise nice people haul around on their shoulders.
I am a vegetarian. Whoa!! Hold on, before you dash to the red “X” in the corner, that is not a political statement, or a challenge to your right as alpha dog in the food chain.  I don’t want to discuss your culinary ambitions, gustational habits or evolutionary superiority!  All I want to say to you today is that my choice to consume only non-animal products is a decision that I have made for my life.  Please don’t feel threatened.  Please don’t fear that I am lurking around the corner of your table to snatch the blood-dripping piece of fetid rotting carcass off of your plate.  Trust me on this.  I know that there are multitudes of slathering, slobbering rabid vegan animal-rights activists banging on your meat locker doors that would love to politicize your every morsel of sustenance.  That ain’t me!!  I made a decision to leave animal products out of my diet of my own accord, for my own reasons because that is what I wanted to do.  It is not an affront to your sovereignty over your dinner menu.  Please eat whatever you want, and leave me to eat what I want.

Everyday it seems that my food choices become the topic of conversation.  You would think that I have chosen to go through life pant-less with my business hanging out for the world to see.  “You’re a vegetarian?  What’s wrong with eating meat?”  And here’s my all time favorite gem from my brother-in-law, “if God didn’t want us to eat animals He wouldn’t have made them out of meat!”  You would think I was slapping my wife around and molesting my children!  There is NOTHING WRONG with being a vegetarian.  In fact there is a lot right about it.  I have never felt better in my life.  I am strong, healthy, full of life and vigor.  Sure, some of my reasons are driven by conscience.  MY CONSCIENCE.  Leave it alone for God’s sake.  I’m not going to explain here what my particular beliefs are, or the reasons I hold those beliefs, because I am not trying to convert you to anything.  Not all vegetarians care about the eating habits or conscientious decisions that the rest of the world makes regarding animals.  If you honestly are seeking information on why vegans and vegetarians make the decisions that they do regarding their diets, that information is readily available.  It’s called GOOGLE.  Please don’t lump all of us into the same extremist bucket.

I must own my decisions and choices.  You must own yours.  I must be true to myself, and you must be true to you.  Too often we try to live our lives as if we have a corner on truth.  I believe that truth is absolute.  I believe their is a greater TRUTH out there.  But we are temporal, relative, mortal beings.  We judge truth based upon our own set of circumstances, environmental influences and societal and cultural stimuli.  Discerning that ultimate absolute truth is left to the individual to ascertain.  When we talk about subjects where our views conflict, someone is right and someone is wrong when truth is absolute.  But who?  Can you know absolutely?  I say no.  So we must choose for ourselves.  And live by our choice.  How about we give each other a little leeway?  You might be right.  You might be wrong.  Same goes for me.  Allow me the freedom to make my choice without catching grief for it.

It’s lunch time.  I think I’ll have the salad.