In the silence I lay. The darkness surrounds me like a thick blanket. I struggle to breathe under its weight. My eyes bleed with the strain to find my way. No light.

I touch the darkness, the black against my skin. It’s cold, without life, without hope. I know I must move. I must find my way or this hideous beast that has overtaken me will consume me and all that I love. But I cannot, must not, will not grope. I will not cry out. I will not beg.  I must rise up and stand on my feet. Stand alone if I must. In strength against the darkness I must find courage to move forward in this night; this forbidden night.

My eyes shall dream of the sunlit sky, of the blues and greens of day. My mind shall create the light for my eyes to guide my feet along the way. Stumble not. Falter not. In strength and courage proceed. Never once have I remained in fear. Never once have I cowered. And not today shall I begin.
Mount upon my courage. My steed of faith awaits. The power of life lies within me. No enemy shall steal my grace. Though darkness surrounds my mortal coil I shall march in valiant stride. With blinded eyes I shall seek the light and strike down those who come against my wounded side. Down but not dead, shaken but not defeated, I rise to my feet and take my stand. Onward. Life awaits.