As I walk this path, my path, I learn many things.  There are lessons found in abundance if you walk with open and observant eyes.  Like an elementary school primer life unfolds page by page.  A lesson here, a truth there, a testament forged with each step I take. 

I’ve always loved the river.  I stand on her banks and watch her flow; staring in fascination at her sheer power and force.  From a humble beginning she gathers an army along her journey to the sea.  A tiny source, a spring perhaps, bubbles from the depths of the earth; a trickle down the glistening rock face, pooling in a mountain crevice, waiting and growing.  As her waters gather, cool and clear, she pushes over the edge and begins her forceful ride.  Gravity pulls her down and she seeks her mysterious path.  Gathering forces along the way from creek and tributary she grows in size and depth.  Forging her way she pulls a ribbon of silk behind her.  The curving flow caresses the face of the earth, carving a way of permanence.  Riding the crooked spine of she seeks the path of least resistance.  No obstacle can stand in her way.  Each mountain, each boulder, each cliff is traversed through, over or around.  Her power is unending as she skillfully maneuvers her way.

Standing on the rocky bank I ponder the lessons to be learned by the river’s flow.  How often in life have I run full steam, head-long into the side of a mountain?  How much time have I spent attempting to climb the obstacles height only to be cast down?  How many times have I veered from the natural path in an attempt to “go against the flow?”  There is power in the river.  She is an unstoppable force.  She reaches for her goal, her destination, and her destiny.  Even though she may twist and turn, be diverted and dammed, she makes her way.  She pours into the sea as surely as she began her journey at the top of the mountain.  

I will learn the lesson of the river.  Seek the natural path.  Let the natural path show the way.  Obstacles will stand before me, and I will maneuver and flow over, through and around as my natural force will lead.  Energy is built from the natural path.  Power is gained through a gathering force.  Move with the flow.  Gather resources along the way and build strength.  Be one with all who join the flow.  Never stop.  Never stop.  Never stop.