Photo taken by Kimberleigh Forrester

The wind is blowing.  There is a crispness in the air.  The horizon glows with anticipation of something approaching, something begging to come into view.  Not quite visible.  Not yet palpable, but there nevertheless.  The feeling has begun.  With every conversation with friend, family or acquaintance I can sense an uneasy anticipation; not quite a fear, but a knowing. 

Change is on the way.  I know in my soul that in the near future there will be a new beginning and with it an end.  I cannot yet grasp the details involved, or even the generalities.  But deep inside my being I know that change is afoot. 

Have you ever had that eerie premonition that someone is behind you?  You can feel their presence.  You can feel their energy as they pass into your personal aura, your very personal space.  Some call this having ice in your veins.  My superstitious grandmother used to say “someone just walked across my grave” (wherever that came from!).  But I know what she means; a disturbance of the sacred, an upsetting of the norm, an uprooting.

I know that I am not alone in this feeling.  My feed reader has been full of blogs and commentary on blogs that are alluding to “unusual summers,” “things are off-center,” “out of kilter,” “strange happenings,” “can’t get a handle on,” “something is not quite right.”  I don’t claim to be a prophet or a prognosticator of the unknown, but I am very intuitive and can often feel when things go out of balance.  So I know you are saying “Willie has lost his freaking hippie mind, one too many Quaaludes along the way.”  And that is OK by me.  I used to think it was just random coincidence, but have since learned to trust my intuition and these premonitions.  Here is the frustrating part.  I never know what is going on.  I never know what is to come.  I can never predict how my world, your world, our world is going to get upended.  I just know that something is about to change.

Over the past six months or so, with each passing day I have felt the wind grow stronger.  The anxiety of change has filled the air that I breathe to where I can taste the brine, the caustic brew of something new imposing itself upon us.

It is coming.  Rest assured; it is coming.  And soon.

Can you feel it?