In Memorium:
Samuel Dwight Smith
b: 02/1972 – d: 07/2005

what is left
when the end is near?
empty hope
a dull stare

fight is done
when the breath is gone
thought subsides
calm death

waters cool
when the will lets go
distant dream
shadow grows

light fades
when the ember cools
gone the days
peace invades

quiet now
when the hope is gone
nothing more
to do


Originally published July 1, 2006 at A Rhyme In Time

On July 1, 2005 my family was awakened to the sad news of the sudden death of my oldest nephew.  At only 32 years of age he was taken by a massive heart attack.  My sister made me an uncle when I was only 9 years old.  Dwight was more than my nephew, he was my little brother, he was my friend.  I will forever miss him.