OK, OK… I get the message.  If I’m gonna be a famous blogger and have lots of equally famous blogging interwebulous friends, then I actually have to…. uh… er… ahem… blog.

Making Music in the Woods

In the NC Mountains

My beautiful wife and I escaped.  We blew this joint, took off, headed for the hills (literally).  We spent 10 days roaming the beautiful NC coast and mountains, being hippies and friends and taking lots and lots and lots (and did I say lots) of pictures.  You see, my wife is an artist; a photographer extraordinaire.  She sees nature and people and things and captures their very souls.  So several times a year we go hunting, photo-op hunting.  We walk the shores and walk the mountains.  We hang out with our favorite bands and people watch.  Always trying to find that interesting face; that weathered smile; that priceless expression; that window into someone’s soul.  And that is where I have been and why I have not been here.  10 days and 1200 pictures later. 

NC Shore Bird

Beaufort, NC

Now the work really begins, sorting, studying, comparing, touching up, retouching, totally transforming, cropping, re-coloring, etc. etc. etc.  You have to take lots and lots of pictures to get a few extraordinary ones.  You have to collect lots and lots of extraordinary shots to discover the few that appeal to people other than yourself.  You have to display lots and lots of extraordinary images that appeal to people other than yourself to understand the few that will sell.  So, the journey and the hunt will go on and on.  And so will the fun of wandering the hills and valleys. 

If I could only remember to blog along the way…

Mountain Laurel on the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

Taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina