Willie G & 'Cita

May 1st, 1979, after watching and dreaming from a distance for the previous 6 months, I touched the lips of an angel.  An evening and an event that is forever emblazoned in my memory, this is the day that I mark in time when my life truly began.  On that special day my flesh and my soul connected with “the one” who was meant for me.  On that day, and everyday since, I have shared my life with my soul-mate.  If ever the cliche has been true, it is true for us.  Bound together in a vow of marriage and solidarity, it goes much deeper than I would have ever guessed.  She touches my soul on a physical and spiritual level that propels my mind and body into the ethereal realms.  She lifts me up; strengthens my inner being; surrounds me with life; gives me hope; infuses me with passion and desire; fills my empty spaces with peace and joy.

We met in high school.  Fell head-over-heels in love.  Married too young.  Raised a family way too young.  Struggled, scraped by, clawed, scratched, survived.  And now here we are.  Almost 30 years since we met.  29 years since we first dated.  And, this month, 27 years since we married, we are strong, vibrant, ever vigilant, and forever in love.  My beautiful bride, with flowers in her flowing hair, the sparkle of happiness in her eyes, and a loving and devoted presence stands before me and with me today and forever; my wife; my lover; my friend; my soul-mate.