Been doing a lot of soul-searching this election season.  Trying to understand what my political views and stance truly are.  Although I’ve always known my leanings  tend toward the left, I have truly come to understand that I am actually far to the left.  In nearly every regard I meet the criteria of a true classical liberal, libertarian, bleeding heart, war protesting, socialistic, people loving, left winger.  I am finding great release in actually coming to terms with this as a revelation.  There is not enough time left in this day to really deal with why this is such a major advancement for my psyche and personal well-being.  I’ll save that nugget of honest revelation for another blog-day.  There have been a couple of internet resources that I have found very beneficial in understanding my own thinking.  Check them out if you get the chance, I think everyone should understand their own political systems.  The first site of true interest is The Political Compass.  This site will help you compare yourself with great figures through out the history of political systems, in particular western thought.The next site is more American politics oriented, and deals with current issues as well as the current election cycle.  This site is Politopia, and was designed to help American college students begin to examine their political leanings and make decisions as young voters. The final site I will share is specifically to help the American voter decipher the current issues in American politics and understand the positions of all the current candidates for president.  On the As post number 1 to this blog, I hope you have found the information provided here useful.  Welcome to my mid-life crisis!